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Sunset Memory Rides, and a Contest for Spring

All photos taken by Theron Pierce unless otherwise noted This past Sunday night at sunset, when the soaring temperatures in Hamilton had retreated and no longer threatened to overwhelm my winter-adjusted body, I went for a long bike ride. The route I chose reminded me of languid summer nights in 2019: cycling on a SoBi bike behind 200 Hamilton GlowRiders as electronica music pumped through the air around us, and rollerbladers with fairy wings and... [Read more]

ERI Rider Spotlight: BILL PUGH

Bill Pugh’s voice is as vibrant over the phone as it is in real life.  “How ya doing?”, he asks me. “I’m thinking of coming by the office to check on my account and chat. Are you in?” I can hear the wind behind Bill whistling loudly as he makes his way to his next destination. I inform him with regret, thinking of our mutually enjoyable talks at the office, that we are working from... [Read more]

Compassion and empathy: bike share staples during COVID-19

Hello to all our riders! We are thinking of you and your families and friends as we navigate these transformative times together as a community.  I was thinking recently of how one of the most valuable aspects of my job as the ERI’s Equity Coordinator is creating and nourishing connections. During COVID-19’s physical distancing protocols, the ERI team can no longer meet with new riders face-to-face. Instead, we are working to sign up new riders... [Read more]

Magnolias in Bloom: An ERI Spring Activity Map

Magnolia Map: ERI Ride Activity View the map at April 15, 2020 Every spring is marked by the burst of magnolia blossoms throughout Hamilton, and this year the flowers are blooming with the global pandemic as their backdrop. In this uncertain time of change and discomfort, the delicate tepals*** of the magnolia are a fleeting but welcome distraction.  Hunting for magnolia trees and other plant life is a great way to explore your neighborhood... [Read more]

Rider update during the Pandemic: Mark Anderson

This time 4 years ago I was already fairly isolated and enjoyed my time alone. That all changed very suddenly when I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to make big changes in my life in order to get healthy. This wake-up-call to my health along with an unexpected fire in my apartment forced me to look outside my solitary comfort zone for help. Since then I have worked really hard to be active and... [Read more]

Connector Interview: Scarlett

Scarlett was a full time Connector in 2019! Read about her summer of community and cycling through her interview with Theron, below.  Theron: Hi, Scarlett! When did you first start riding SoBi bikes in Hamilton, and what inspired you to do it? Scarlett: I hadn't owned my own bike in many years, and I was looking for an intermediary solution between bussing and driving or taking a cab. When I learned about SoBi I really... [Read more]

Job Posting: Adaptive Bike Coordinator

The Everyone Rides Initiative (ERI) is very excited to have the opportunity to hire a new staff person, ERI Adaptive Bike Coordinator. Through our funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation our program offerings are expanding to include adaptive bikes. So far we have purchased a three-wheeled bike and a beautiful nihola cargo bike. Now we are looking for the perfect person to build a program which will support access to adaptive bikes to the people... [Read more]

Connector Interview: Dan's Summer of Equity as an ERI Connector

Theron: Hi, Dan! When did you first start riding SoBi bikes in Hamilton, and what inspired you to do it? Dan: I first started riding SoBi bikes in 2018, when my brother introduced me to them! He had been riding SoBis for quite some time, and was drawn to their convenience. I had always ridden my own bike around town, which is wonderful- but when you do that, there is always the extra hassle of... [Read more]

Blog Take Over: Chris Ritsma

Being a part of the Everyone Rides Initiative (ERI) was an amazing experience for me, and continues to be so when I join the Initiative on group rides. My goal in volunteering my time for the Initiative was to interact with Hamilton’s Bicycle Share system, and to learn how Riders in the ERI program connect with that system. I was able to share the ERI’s great programming and Hamilton’s amazing bike share system with people... [Read more]

Bike Buddies for Kids

New Bike Buddy Mentoring Program: How Kids can Benefit Too When I was a lot younger than I am today, I remember going into Springy’s on Barton Street with my Mom and Dad and getting my very first bike. I must have been 7 or 8, and I was so excited to ride my bike for the first time. Back then, we lived in a townhouse complex that had many paved paths for walking and... [Read more]