Rider update during the Pandemic: Mark Anderson

This time 4 years ago I was already fairly isolated and enjoyed my time alone. That all changed very suddenly when I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to make big changes in my life in order to get healthy. This wake-up-call to my health along with an unexpected fire in my apartment forced me to look outside my solitary comfort zone for help. Since then I have worked really hard to be active and have found riding a bike very fulfilling. Through cycling in Hamilton I have met many people and value the Hamilton cycling community as my community.

Like so many of you during the COVID-19 pandemic, and orders to maintain social distance and stay at home, it has been really hard. I have been isolating, staying home and only going out when necessary. I have missed many programs and meet-ups, such as: my meetings at Steps to Health, which specifically supports quitting smoking through a 'Breathe Easier' program and Accu-Detox, medical appointments and getting together for group rides, Bike Buddy rides, bike repair workshops at New Hope, Dundas Rides and other cycling related meetings.

With new information and closures coming out daily it is so hard to keep up. On March 23rd I went out and did a porch drop off and pick up for a friend and the first thing I noticed was there were a lot less cars and trucks on the road. The second thing I noticed was the air felt a lot different. I had to go out again on March 25th and found the same thing. Our roads are a lot quieter making them safer and the air quality is at healthy levels. Riding your bike or walking are great ways to get some exercise and to help your mental health. However, just because there are less vehicles on the road doesn't mean you should skip the rules of the road.

Remember these important tips:

  1. If you feel sick stay home.
  2. Stay at least 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people
  3. Stay informed - closures are happening daily, some of your favourite parks or trail might not be open and could lead to fines (As I am writing this they just closed the Wentworth and Chedoke stairs)
Intersection at Bay and Cannon right near the Eco-Counter. As of March 31st, 52 trips taken by bike and 2,227 in the last 30 days)  
Intersection at Bay and Cannon right near the Eco-Counter. According to the eco-counter at this intersection: on March 31st there were 52 trips taken by bike and between March 2nd-31st there were 2,227 trips taken by bike.  


Be Safe, Be Seen, Pedal On and Stay Healthy

Mark Anderson