Accessing Equity in Bike Share

New ERI Riders

We can help!

The Everyone Rides Initiative provides subsidized access to bike share to individuals who identify that they are in financial need.  

Sign-up and Create an ERI Pedal Pass Account 

Each new rider must complete a Bike Share Basics intro session with our Equity Coordinator. This is a short training session that teaches you about how bike share works and how your subsidized membership should be managed. This training follows our ERI Rider Toolkit.

ERI Pedal Pass

With this pass you receive: 3 hours of ride time per day (double what other riders receive), and $25 ride credit applied to your account.  

Once you sign up for your pass you will be contacted by our Equity Coordinator. They will help you log into your account and answer any questions you have about how the bikes work. 

You can use both your phone or a ERI Blue member card (RFID card) to sign out any bike. When you have completed your trip you must lock the bike up at any bike hub. You can also lock a bike up out side of a bike hub, this costs your account $1. You can also earn that charge back by retuning a bike into the hub. 

Learn more about how bike share works, how to sign a bike out, lock a bike up and the rules of bike share with our ERI Rider Toolkit

Rider Resources

Have questions? Here is some information to help answer your questions about our program. As your account gets set up and as you start riding you may have some additional questions. We hope that these resources are helpful to you.  

ERI Rider Toolkit 

The ERI Rider Toolkit is used as an educational tool when signing up for the program. All new ERI riders receive a toolkit with their blue access card.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here you can find a list of questions and answers from how to sign out a bike, to when the ERI is available to assist riders.

Terms of Service 

All riders must agree to the HBSI Terms of Service Agreement. Feel free to review it again here.

ERI Rider Toolkit


HBSI Terms of Service Agreement