Cycling Routes & Maps

ERI Cycling & Route Maps

Welcome to our cycling map and route page! We have started a collection of cycling routes to help inspire you to take a bike ride or roll with a mobility device. Take a look through our list of maps, loops, and points of interest in Hamilton to find your next journey. 

Mural Map Discover the murals and street art that lives in your neighbourhood. 
Magnolia Map The Magnolia Ride is a perfect ride for spring. Check out our map of all the Magnolia trees in the bike share service area.
HamOnt Healthy Loops  Healthy Loops are bike route loops in your neighbourhood that are safe and enjoyable to cycle while also adhering to physical distancing. Healthy Loops typically include bike lanes or paths and residential streets so that people of all ages and abilities can comfortably cycle.
Did we miss a mural or magnolia tree near you? Let us know.


Featured Map: ERI Bike Map: Routes & Paths

As a part of the ERI Handbook, we have developed a map that includes all HBSI bike hubs and cycling paths and routes. This map is also available in print form. Contact us to request a paper map. 

Please note that since this map was printed, our service area has grown! The eastern boundary of our service area now extends past Ottawa St to Kenilworth Ave. Refer to the live map for the most up-to-date hub locations. 

Hamilton Bike Share Live Map

Use Hamilton Bike Share's live bike map to find a bike that is near to you, or spot out-of-hub bikes so that you can return them to the hub for a ride credit on your account.