Magnolias in Bloom

Magnolia Map

Welcome to our Annual Magnolias in Bloom Ride. With contributions from riders and community members, we have a created a map that plots magnolia trees in Hamilton. We have also provided 4 cycling routes to help you maximize magnolia sitings along a ride. 

Kirkendall Route

North End Route

Stinson, St Clair Route

Delta, Bartonville Route

We recommend you use our map to walk or roll to nearby trees in your neighbourhood. This is an activity you could integrate into a necessary trip you were already planning (for example, a detour on the way to a grocery store, food bank, or other essential trips) or you could make it an outing to just get your body moving. Along the way, you may also see blooms like forsythia (bushes with bright yellow flowers), daffodils, and other colourful signs of spring and renewal. As you become more familiar with your neighbourhood magnolias, you may notice that the “star” magnolia trees with white flowers tend to bloom earlier than their pink-hued counterparts. 

Email us at [email protected] to add a magnolia tree to the map or tag us on social media. 

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