BLM Sessions

The Everyone Rides Initiative is excited to announce the BLM Sessions!

When we sent out our Black Lives Matter Action Plan press release in December, we knew we wanted to continue sharing resources we found important- in other words, we wanted to AMPLIFY Black voices, stories, creators and the work they’re doing. And so, we’ll be using our platforms to showcase incredible work by Black visual artists, podcast hosts, musicians, directors, and writers: especially if that work intersects with cycling and local, Hamilton news. 

We will be sharing the BLM Session on all our social media platforms, so follow us to stay updated: twitter @Everyone_Rides_, facebook @everyoneridesinitiative and Instagram @everyoneridesinitiative. We will also be keeping all of the sessions here on our website. 

We chose the word “sessions” for our sharing series because that word reminds us of intimate spaces, and active listening: like music sessions, where appreciators of the arts gather in close quarters to enjoy new and wonderful melodies. While the ERI won’t be the musicians in this scenario creating new work, the “you’re right here, right now” spirit of “sessions” is what we want to bring to you as we gladly share and amplify Black-created content. And if you ever want to share anything with us, our inbox is always open to your suggestions.”

Session 1:

Black Girls Do Bike


The Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB) cycling group just won the League of American Bicyclists’ 2020 “Bike Club of the Year” Award- and it’s easy to see why. BGDB spans numerous chapters across North America, and keeps things current with captivating interviews, podcasts, and blog posts. Most importantly, the group has become a warm, radical community of Black women sharing stories and cycling tips centered around Black lived experience; from Antigua all the way to Alaska. Check out their interviews with cyclists on their show “Bike Girl Magic”, and take a look at the amazing diversity of their activities on their social media!

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