Black Lives Matter Action Plan

June 2021 Community Update

Hamilton Bike Share Inc. (HBSI) and its Everyone Rides Initiative (ERI) is committed to executing anti-racist actions in order to dismantle anti-Black racism and white supremacy and fulfill our vision for  “a resilient, just, and vibrant city”. This Black Lives Matter Action Plan outlines how we will listen to and amplify racialized voices and experiences, and strategize, implement and evaluate anti-racist actions in the following sectors of our organization:


As a not-for-profit organization, HBSI is governed by a board of directors, by-laws, and is driven by our mission, vision and values. We are taking specific action to integrate anti-racist principles into our institutional policies, governing body, and strategic plans and to evaluate these outcomes.


Our staff and work culture are central to the work we do and how it gets done. Within this sector, we are integrating more explicit anti-racist hiring practices, staff training and support that embodies our values and the goals of our Black Lives Matter Action Plan.  


Our extensive list of stakeholders includes riders, community organizations, sponsors and other partners within Hamilton and beyond. These collaborators enable bike share to exist and thrive within our community, and we seek to better serve our existing stakeholders while expanding our reach to more diverse groups and individuals.


Our programming includes many offerings, particularly through the Everyone Rides Initiative, which is committed to removing barriers that prevent people from accessing bike share and cycling. We seek to better understand the specific barriers to cycling that face the Black community and racialized residents by expanding our outreach to more organizations serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of colour) communities and by adapting our programming, events, and materials as needed.


Hamilton Bike Share Inc. was first created to deliver bike share operations, and that continues to be the core focus of our work. The actions in our plan address how the design of our system, implementation of services, and hardware and technology considerations will be centred on Black Lives Matter.

Download PDF of our Black Lives Matter Action Plan.