Our staff and work culture are central to the work we do and how it gets done. Within this sector, we are integrating more explicit anti-racist hiring practices, staff training and support that embodies our values and the goals of our Black Lives Matter Action Plan.













Require staff and directors to participate in Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression training each year.


Share and uplift the cycling stories of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour staff and volunteers.


Develop equity criteria for hiring staff, including the integration of opportunities for Everyone Rides Initiative participants.


Track the demographics of our staff, board directors, and volunteers


Report on the demographics of our staff, board, and volunteers.




Share internal tools & resources that are accessible to staff and volunteers to educate our team, stay up to date on best practices, and keep our team informed.


Adjust our job recruitment strategies in accordance with the feedback and guidance from our partners (see #1 in Governance & Listen).






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