As a not-for-profit organization, HBSI is governed by a board of directors, by-laws, and is driven by our mission, vision and values. We are taking specific action to integrate anti-racist principles into our institutional policies, governing body, and strategic plans and to evaluate these outcomes.













Hire and/or collaborate with a consultant or partnering organization to get guidance and feedback on how to better diversify representation on the board of directors.


Staff to regularly update the board of directors of Black Lives Matter Action Plan progress and developments at each board meeting.



Establish a specific code of conduct that holds directors accountable to the values of our organization, including anti-racism and equity, both for internal and external statements and actions.


Seek out and share stories that help amplify Black voices, anti-racism work and lived experiences of racialized communities.




Develop a comprehensive Black Lives Matter Action Plan to establish accountability within all levels of the organizations and to share with our community and stakeholders. This process included consulting with Kojo Damptey, Executive Director at the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, a local Black-led partnering organization.


Use an equity lens as we create and renew our Strategic Plan and documents. Consider action on anti-Black racism in the context of it being a strategic issue for the organization.


Develop equity criteria for board recruitment.



Utilize a recruitment strategy that incorporates equity criteria within a matrix of identity and skills for future board seats.


Ensure staff have the tools and resources to implement our Black Lives Matter work/strategies/actions within the community.



Ensure that an appropriate evaluation framework is in place for our Black Lives Matter work, and that staff have the tools and resources required to carry out meaningful evaluation activities.


Perform bi-annual reviews of progress to determine whether goals were put into action and assess their impact and effectiveness.




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