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HBSI & ERI Statement of Solidarity

Hamilton Bike Share and the Everyone Rides Initiative stand in solidarity with local Black leaders and organizations in their condemnation of the troubling violence toward Black and racialized housing advocates. We support their call to drop the charges laid against the six youth, the call for a judicial inquiry into the Hamilton Police Department actions on November 24th and 26th, and for the City of Hamilton to stop encampment evictions that adversely affect Black, Indigenous,... [Read more]

Sureesh Monagaran and Luvo Ngarwe: ERI riders who experience Hamilton to the fullest.

Sureesh Monagaran is the epitome of a steady bike share rider: he weaves around the city multiple times a week on leisurely, three kilometre rides, following routes from the East End to McMaster.   In contrast, Sureesh’s friend and occasional riding companion Luvo Ngarwe’s rides are varied and spontaneous- some days, Ngarwe will ride thirty kilometers just to see a sunset view. On other days, he zips down to a local store a short ride away... [Read more]

Two Spirit Identities: Indigenous Genders

This past June, the ERI celebrates National Indigenous History Month. We’d like to share some interesting facts and resources from Two-Spirit Indigenous communities across Turtle Island (the land often referred to as North America).  art credit: "Turtle Island", by Mark Wagner Two-Spirit people have been integral members of Turtle Island Indigenous communities for millennia. “Two-Spirit” is a more modern term, created between 1990-1992 to describe gender and sexuality divergent people, or “third gender” people, in... [Read more]

Pride Month 2021: Remembering how we got here

  To read more about the origins of Pride and virtual Pride events happening in Hamilton go to our blog post here.            [Read more]

Spring tune-up - La mise au point printanière

Spring tune-up A poem by Pascale Marchand Come March, with the warmer weather and softer winds, I switch from the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) as a mode of transportation to my bicycle. Having heard of the backlog of bicycle repairs from last season, I made sure to get my bicycle tuned early this year. In the last week of February, Downtown Bike Hounds attended to my cruiser.My bike was set.But what about me?Every spring, my joints... [Read more]

BIPOC Voices: A Hamilton Photographer Amplifies Lived Experiences

Niv Shimshon is an ideal storyteller-- he loves listening to the experiences of his community, and sharing stories as they were told to him, word for word. When I first found Niv’s work online, I was moved by his BIPOC Voices project and wanted to speak with him about his work.  A week later in mid-March, we met virtually for a casual interview to discuss how the BIPOC Voices project came to be, and the... [Read more]

Black Girls Do Bike: A Cycling Powerhouse

Black Girls Do Bike: A Cycling Powerhouse with Heart Meet Monica Garrison, the founder and creator of Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB) in Pennsylvania. Garrison has been an avid cyclist since she was a kid, and bikes have always made her feel invincible. One day after a summer of biking, Monica noticed that she had seen very few women of colour on the trails. When she went online to search images of Black female riders,... [Read more]

Our Connectors Made Us Proud

In 2019, we launched our ERI Connector initiative: a summer that brought 5 people together to be the ERI’s ambassadors for equitable access to bike share in their communities. Our Connectors played, educated, advertised, and engaged with many different people- and with their help, we reached more people in need of access to bike share and cycling than ever before! With snow blanketing the city this week, we decided to look back on our pre-pandemic,... [Read more]

A Mini Year in Review- the ERI's Interesting 2020

Wow. What a year it has been. I’m sure most of us can agree that we’ve never seen anything like it in our lifetimes thus far. For me, it feels as if February this year was last week and ten years ago all at once- a feeling that increased as I looked out my window this morning to see a winter wonderland; a scene reminiscent of the weather in March when many of us retreated... [Read more]

The Future of Hamilton Bike Share

When the Everyone Rides team started working from home as COVID swept through Canada in March, we knew this year would be unusual. What we didn’t know then was exactly how many moments of connection, warmth, and solidarity we would find in our beautiful city.  The ERI team felt an extraordinary sense of gratitude as Hamiltonians rallied to save bike share during our emergency call for support in May. We watched with pride in July... [Read more]