Sponsor a Rider

The Everyone Rides Initiative (ERI) removes the barriers preventing people from accessing Hamilton Bike Share for transportation and fun! Since 2015, we’ve provided subsidized passes to riders who self-identify as being in financial need. These passes enable riders with fixed, low, or no incomes to use bike share for transportation, errands, appointments, exercise, and recreation.

Our subsidized Pedal Passes include:

  • Additional education about how to cycle and how to use bike share
  • Added support for riders without a phone, email, and/or credit card
  • Translation for riders who are learning or do not speak English
  • Flexibility to adapt program to remove individual barriers
  • Extra ride time as bike share may be the rider’s only transportation
  • Over a 90% discount on access to the bike share system for one year
  • Outreach to spread awareness to equity-deserving communities

81% of our subsidized pass riders report that after six months of using ERI, cycling is their primary mode of transportation. By sponsoring a rider, you are directly supporting Hamilton residents to enjoy the benefits of cycling and bike share that they may not have been able to do on their own.

Listen to ERI Rider Donovan Wilkinson talk about what our subsidized pass means to him: