ERI Adaptive Bike Program

The Everyone Rides Initiative is dedicated to providing equity in bike share and within the cycling community in Hamilton. We are very excited to be expanding that equity into adaptive bike options. Through funding provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, over the next 2 years we will be adding 3-Wheeled bikes and Cargo bikes into our program offerings. 

What is an adaptive bike? Adaptive bikes are alternatives to 2-wheeled, up-right bicycles and come in a variety of models, including 3-wheeled, hand-powered, and electric assist bikes. These bikes can offer people the freedom, mobility, and fun they might not be able to attain on 2-wheeled bikes; and the ERI is working towards integrating 3-wheeled bikes and cargo bikes into its program offerings. 

Examples of Adaptive Bikes

July 2019 we hosted a soft launch of one 3-wheeled bikes with L'Arche Hamilton. This event was such a success that we are confident many other Hamiltonians will enjoy the adaptive bike options we will have available shortly. 

L'Arche core member Chris, pictured above, was ecstatic to be riding the 3-wheeled bike all on his own. The ERI has hosted Learn How to Ride a Bike workshops with L'Arche Hamilton in the past. However, the joy of riding a bike was never truly experienced until we were able to provide a 3-wheeled bike. 

Are you interested in learning more, utilizing the ERI adaptive bikes and receiving updates? Please register to our adaptive bike program and we will keep you up-to-date. 

Register to the Adaptive Bike Program

CBC Hamilton attended this soft launch, you can read the article here