"I'm a cyclist"

ERI Adaptive Bike Program

The Everyone Rides Initiative is dedicated to providing equity in bike share and within the cycling community in Hamilton. We are very excited to be putting that equity into practice via the ERI Adaptive Bike Program, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


What is an adaptive bike? Adaptive bikes are alternatives to up-right bicycles and come in a variety of models; including 3-wheeled, hand-powered, and electric-assist bikes. These bikes can offer people the freedom, mobility, and fun they might not be able to experience on 2-wheeled bikes. Currently, the ERI has two 3-wheeled bikes, 1 cargo bike and a step-thru bike. Click the button below to learn more about the bikes we have available.

Examples of Adaptive Bikes


The ERI has been working with L'Arche Hamilton, an organization that provides housing and programming for adults with intellectual disabilities. We hosted a series of Learn How to Ride Bike Workshops to introduce core members to riding a 2-wheeled bike share bike. However, riding a 2-wheeled bike was difficult for some and required a lot of assistance, which takes away from the freedom that riding a bike can provide. 

In June 2019, the ERI hosted a soft launch of a 3-wheeled bike with L'Arche Hamilton and their core members. The feedback that we received was overwhelming and the expressions of joy that riders had while riding the 3-wheeled bike were more than we could have expected.

A L’Arche core member that has shown interest in wanting to cycle for a long time proclaimed: “I’m a cyclist”, as he rode independently and could feel the freedom. To learn more about this story and day click here. With the success of this event, we are confident that many other Hamiltonians will benefit from and enjoy access to adaptive bikes. 

Adaptive Bike Hub


In June of 2022, the Everyone Rides Initiative (ERI) launched the Adaptive Bike Hub in Gage Park. Riders can now access our small fleet of adaptive bikes in Gage Park and use the newly paved multi-use trail to practice and enhance their cycling skills. Since the launch, the ERI has engaged partnering organizations in weekly sessions at the Adaptive Bike Hub. Our partners bring groups from their organization and everyone is able to ride a bike or receive a ride in the cargo bike. We have also been able to support new riders, older adults, and individuals looking for added support and encouragement as they venture into cycling again.  

From left to right: ERI Program Manger Thea Jones, rural artist Lester Coloma, city councilor Nrinder Nann, ERI Executive Director Chelsea Cox. Image Credit: Niv Shimshon, 2022.

Image Credit: Niv Shimshon, 2022


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If you are interested in learning more about the Adaptive Bike Program, scheduling a time to meet at the Adaptive Bike Hub, or have more questions you can:  


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