Our Adaptive Bikes

Our Adaptive Bike Program provides access to foot-pedaled, hand-pedaled, e-assist, and multi-person bike options. These bikes have been selected based on research into other adaptive cycling programs and feedback from existing and prospective riders.

Not sure which bike might be right for you? Or, do you have a request for a type of bike or bike accessory that would make cycling more accessible for you or someone you know? Please reach out to us - we want to hear from you!



Upright Trikes

With three wheels and 7 speeds, upright adult trikes are stable and easy to balance. They feature a rear basket to carry your belongings.

We have two Manhattan trikes in our fleet.


Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes offer a reclined seating position, which offer more support for the back, shoulders, and hips. They also reduce strain on the knees and hips. Their low center of gravity provides greater stability, especially when traveling at higher speeds or around corners.

We have two non-electric recumbent trikes, a TerraTrike Rambler and a TerraTrike Rogue, in our fleet.


E-Assist Low Step-Thru

This Evo bike is great for riders who are comfortable on 2-wheels but are looking for an easier way to mount and dismount. It has a low step through frame, with a top-tube that is the same height as the pedals. It also has electric assist to give you a boost while pedaling. 

E-Assist Recumbent Trike

Similar to a recumbent trike, but with an electric assist to help you ride farther or provide a boost up any hills.

We have one e-assist recumbent trike, a TerraTrike Charge.

Sunseeker Handcycle Trike

This handcycle trike is pedaled with the arms, making it a great option for riders with limited lower body mobility. It features three speeds and a coaster brake, making it easy to stop. The seat slides forward and back, and it has an adjustable footrest with straps.

Nihola Cargo Bike

This bike features a passenger bench in the cargo bucket, perfect for children or smaller adults. The cargo bucket has a door to help make getting in and out easy for passengers (or pets). It can also be ridden without a passenger as an upright tricycle!

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