Connector Interview: Scarlett

Scarlett was a full time Connector in 2019! Read about her summer of community and cycling through her interview with Theron, below. 

Theron: Hi, Scarlett! When did you first start riding SoBi bikes in Hamilton, and what inspired you to do it?

Scarlett: I hadn't owned my own bike in many years, and I was looking for an intermediary solution between bussing and driving or taking a cab. When I learned about SoBi I really wanted to start using the bike system. Several months later I heard about the ERI’s subsidized passes, so I was finally able to get one for myself and explore the city.

I felt more confident and competent after riding the bikes around town: both by seeing new local areas, and also gaining the confidence that comes with being able to transport yourself around a city safely.

T: We’re so glad you found us. How did you hear about the Connector program, and why were you drawn to apply? 

S: I heard about the Connector position from a Facebook post, I believe- probably through a friend of a friend. 

Before I knew about ERI passes and began riding, I honestly didn't realize how popular of a choice SoBis were locally, and how functional, convenient, and affordable they are. For that reason, I was drawn to apply: how could I help other people gain access to this system?

T: A desire to help others gain access to our services is one of the main criteria we look for in our Connector volunteers. What were some of your favourite experiences in the Connector program? 

S: Being an ERI Connector was a very positive experience for me. I really enjoyed making connections and having conversations with a variety of people. I felt happy to be able to educate riders about the SoBi system and how it could benefit them through meeting them where their needs are, whether those needs were transportation or fun. 

I also liked being able to make people smile through the process, like when I got to dance with kids at Barton Play Day while talking to their parents about how they could use ERI passes to ride alongside their children. 

T: I remember how much you loved being engaged with people, and how organically you connected with them. Last question- what would you recommend people do if they are new to or nervous about cycling in Hamilton?

S: It may sound simple, but get yourself an ERI pass! Call or visit the office, and the team can help you get started, and even provide free cycling education and one on one lessons. 

Thanks, Scarlett!