How do I lock up a bike properly?


Thank you for asking! It is important to lock bikes up properly to keep bikes safe and to avoid infractions that could freeze your account. 

  1. When you are finished riding a bike, the best place to lock it is to a blue bike hub. Signing out and locking bikes to bike share hubs is free!  
  2. You can also lock a bike out-of-hub to a secure object, like a bike rack or pole that is on public property. Never lock bikes to themselves. Doing this could result in a stolen or vandalized bike.
  3. Once you have found a bike station or a secure object to lock the bike to, pull the u-bar from the holster, wrap it around the station or secure object, and slide the u-bar fully into the bike.
  4. Gently pull on the lock to make sure it is fully engaged, or use the SoBi app to check that your ride has ended.

When you lock a bike outside of a bike share hub your account will be charged $1. You can earn that $1 back to your account by returning the bike to a bike share hub. 

  • Learn more about earning ride credits on your account here
  • Learn more about infractions, fees, and charges to your account here.

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