What are bike infractions?


There are some fees that are charged to your account based on your usage, these are called infractions. As an ERI rider, you are not required to pay for these infractions, the ERI covers them for you. It is important that you do your part to keep these infractions low, if your infractions are consistent and without change, your account will be revoked. 

  • $1.00 for locking a bike out-of-hub
  • $0.15 every minute over your 3 hour ride time per day
  • $25.00 for locking a bike outside of the service area
  • Not locking the bike properly

Accounts automatically freeze when your ride credit balance reaches $0. 

If you have repeated infractions and conversations with the ERI team with no change to your bike behaviour we will have to revoke your pass. 

You must ALWAYS lock a bike to a secure object, HBSI bike hub, city bike rack, or pole. If you do not your pass will be revoked and will not be able to use bike share. It is important that we all care for the bikes so that the bike share community can use the bikes.

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