I read about ride credits in my ERI Rider Toolkit. What are those and how can I earn them?

To earn a ride credit, return out-of-hub bikes to any Hamilton Bike Share bike hub.


A ride credit is a dollar amount that accumulates on your HBSI account balance. These credits can be used later towards your pass renewals and account fees. 


When you sign out a bike from outside a bike hub and return it to a HBSI bike hub you earn $0.75 on Tandem and Pedal Passes and $1.00 on 5&Roll. 

This means that you can incur a positive balance on your bike share account. When the ERI team charges for pass renewals again, we will take the renewal fee out of your ride credits you’ve earned. We have a few riders who have hundreds of ride credits and do not feel the financial impact of their bike share pass renewals. 

Earning ride credits is a great way to create financial security within the ERI and on your account. Review the ERI Subsidy Ladder to learn more about the pass types and ride credits. 

You can also use the HBSI bike map to locate out-of-hub bikes and return them to HBSI hubs. The blue pins that you see in the map are all out-of-hub bikes that are available to sign out.

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