I read about ride credits in my ERI Rider Toolkit. What are those and how can I earn them?


To earn a ride credit, return out-of-hub bikes to any Hamilton Bike Share bike hub.

A ride credit is a dollar amount that accumulates on your HBSI account balance. These credits can be used later towards your pass renewals and account fees. 

When you sign out a bike from outside a bike hub and return it to a HBSI bike hub you earn $1 in ride credits. 

This means that you can incur a positive balance on your bike share account. When it is time to renew your pass, we will take the renewal fee out of your ride credits you’ve earned. We have a few riders who have hundreds of ride credits and do not feel the financial impact of their bike share pass renewals. 

Earning ride credits is a great way to create financial security within the ERI and on your account.

You can use the HBSI bike map to locate out-of-hub bikes and return them to HBSI hubs. The blue pins that you see in the map are all out-of-hub bikes that are available to sign out.

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