Top 5 Hamilton Routes to Ride: HBSI Board Director Midhat Shares Her Favourites

Meet Midhat: McMaster University and DeGroote School of Business Alumni, and one of the directors on Hamilton Bike Share's board.

In her role as director, Midhat holds the office of the secretary, keeping our documentation organized and up to date.

Midhat Taking A SoBi Around Town

Midhat is passionate about equitable access to bikes for all, and loves creating opportunities for people to experience the joys of cycling in their daily lives. She has found that Bike Share allows riders access to the freedom and flexibility to get to their destination by finding their own way,  and riding their route of choice. SoBis also allow riders to take one-way trips, which allows additional flexibility when exploring the City.

Having access to bikes via Hamilton Bike Share let Midhat truly discover the City of Hamilton, and fall in love with its hidden gems. Below are her top 5 must see destinations, and the routes she suggests to get there. Each route below begins at the Sterling and Forsyth Hub at the edge of McMaster University Campus.  


1. McMaster to Pier 8 Skating Rink (Route) – 7.5 KM // 25 Min

Ride downhill on Longwood Road North along the Waterfront Trail, passing Bayfront Park and ending at Pier 8. Grab a pair of rental roller skates and a scoop of ice cream- this trip is a guaranteed good time.

2. McMaster to Chedoke Radial Trail and Waterfalls (Route) – 4 KM // 20 Min

This route ends at the Chedoke Stairs hub, where you can walk (or run) up the stairs, hike the Bruce Trail and find your way to Chedoke Waterfalls.

3McMaster to Hamilton Farmer’s Market (Route) – 4 KM // 18 Min

Hop on a bike to get to the Farmer's Market, drop by the Art Crawl (second Friday each month), or stop in for a delicious bite at one of the restaurants along James Street.

4McMaster to Gage Park (Route) – 10 KM // 37 Min

This route travels along the Rail Trail through many quiet neighbourhood streets, and ends at the lovely Gage Park. Visit the Greenhouse, walk through the flower garden, or watch a performance at the Bandshell. Nearby Ottawa Street is a great place to explore as well.

5. McMaster to Locke St (Route) – 4 KM // 15 Min

The most direct route to Locke takes you east down King Street West. After turning right onto Dundurn Street and continuing south, you end at the Charlton and Locke Hub beside Donut Monster. Locke Street has some great boutiques, cafes, and benches for people-watching.

 Midhat Signing Out a SoBi

Although Midhat doesn’t live in Hamilton at the moment, she still grabs a SoBi bike anytime she visits. As an out of town visitor, she uses her Pay As You Go membership to zip to meetings downtown from the Hamilton Go Centre or West Harbour station hubs- or for lectures or events at McMaster from the Main at Paisley GO bus stop.

We hope Midhat's bike share story inspires you to get out and ride! Remember, you can sign up here for a subsidized Pedal Pass. 

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