The Future of Hamilton Bike Share

When the Everyone Rides team started working from home as COVID swept through Canada in March, we knew this year would be unusual. What we didn’t know then was exactly how many moments of connection, warmth, and solidarity we would find in our beautiful city. 

The ERI team felt an extraordinary sense of gratitude as Hamiltonians rallied to save bike share during our emergency call for support in May. We watched with pride in July as the blue bikes took over Hamilton’s streets once more throughout summer’s eve and fall, rain or shine. And we had even more to celebrate in 2020 when we learned a few days ago that the Hamilton Public Works Committee unanimously approved Hamilton Bike Share’s recommendations for the bike share system. Stay tuned for more information to come. 

To read more about the City and Hamilton Bike Share’s agreement, please visit Cycle Hamilton’s post here. Side Note- you can sign up for free to be a Cycle Hamilton Buddy to learn more about their great opportunities for cycling education and community. 

Supporting equitable, fun, and affordable transportation is a great look for you, Hamilton. We’re happy to be here for more years to come. 

The Everyone Rides Team

The ERI’s Pride Ride, June 2019