I need to run an errand with the bike and would like to ensure the bike will still be available to me when I am finished. What can I do?

It is always best to lock up a bike when you have finished using it. If there is a hub nearby to your errand, this is the best place to lock up, a different bike will then be there for you to use.


Each bike has a hold  feature, this keeps the bike reserved for you while you complete a quick errand. While the bike is on hold  it uses your ride time, therefore, cutting into your 3 hours per day. For example, if you ride for 30 minutes and then you use the hold feature for 15 minutes, that is 45 minutes of ride time used.


How to place a bike on hold:

  1. Find a bike station or secure public object to lock the bike to, like a city bike rack or a pole.
  2. Before you lock the bike, locate the hold feature on the lower section of the bike’s screen. Press it.
  3. Lock the bike.
  4. If you have locked the bike up correctly, the screen will change and start a timer counting down from 60 min. 


If you are unable to get back to the bike, the hold will end after 60 min. You will not be able to sign out another bike until this 60 min is complete.

How to unlock a bike on hold:

  1. Press unlock: enter your PIN. 
  2. Slide-out the u-bar, put it in the holster, and you are ready to ride.

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