Our Connectors Made Us Proud

In 2019, we launched our ERI Connector initiative: a summer that brought 5 people together to be the ERI’s ambassadors for equitable access to bike share in their communities. Our Connectors played, educated, advertised, and engaged with many different people- and with their help, we reached more people in need of access to bike share and cycling than ever before!

With snow blanketing the city this week, we decided to look back on our pre-pandemic, Connector summer to make us feel a little warmer. Take a look at a few of our 2019 photos to see what we’re excited to partake in when COVID lifts: 


Dan (left) and Chris (right) sure know how to keep kids’ attention! The stickers and candy may have helped a little, too. Barton Play Day (here’s a past event they had!) was a fun diversion for the ERI team- usually, we give passes to adults aged 18 and over. It was a nice treat to see so many younger families and get enthused by their energy. The kids became so excited by our bikes, they started measuring each other and asking us when they’d be able to ride someday!


Scarlett (left) and Mark (right) made a great team. The two Connectors assembled biweekly at the 541 Eatery and Exchange, where the ERI held a pop up table to host education and provide passes. The best part about the Connector program are the Connectors themselves- Mark is a great storyteller, a cycling enthusiast and enjoys creating new cycling loops each day around the lower city. Scarlett is a vivacious activist in her 20s who is always on the go and running various social justice projects. The two Connectors may have different life experiences, but both came together in a love of cycling and community to extend the ERI’s education and pass offerings to those in need.  


ERI Program Manager Thea (left) and Connector Haley (right) didn’t expect to get a shower when they visited the Micah House Picnic in Gage park! Micah House supports newcomers in providing stable, safe housing as they acclimate to life in Canada. The ERI was grateful to see riders do cool tricks on bike share bikes in the park, and let Micah House know we could provide Tandem passes to their residents. 

We look forward to what 2021 brings us- and with hope on the horizon for a more vaccinated, less physically-distant world, who knows what programming could be next?

Take care-

Theron, ERI Equity Coordinator