List of Missing Mural Artist Credits

Help the Everyone Rides Initiative complete the ERI Mural Map. Below is a list of murals with unknown artists. If you know the artist please let us know so we can credit the work properly. Or maybe the mural is around the corner from you, take a picture of the artist's name and send it to us [email protected]

  1. Fragoso Mural (artist unknown): 295 Barton St E
  2. Street Scene (unknown artist): 396 Barton E
  3. St Matthew's House (artist unknown): 412 Barton St E
  4. Hamilton Red Wings (artist unknown): 541 Barton St E:
  5. John Howard Society (artist unknown): 652 Barton St E
  6. Shorty's Pizza (unknown artist): 1099 Cannon St E
  7. Woodland Park (unknown artist): 501 Barton St E
  8. Wild Orchid Restaurant (artist unknown): 286 James St N
  9. Capri Pizza (artist unknown): 25 John St N (ally) 
  10. Angel (artist unknown): 137 Ottawa St N 
  11. Quality Bakery (artist unknown): 150 Ottawa St N
  12. Geri’s Grill (artist unknown): 1523 Barton St E
  13. Welcome to Hamilton (artist unknown): McNab tunnel at Hunter St
  14. Black Forest Inn (artist unknown): 255 King St E
  15. Cat & the Fiddle (artist unknown): 174 John St S
  16. Hutch's x4, (artist unknown): 280 Van Wagners Beach Rd
  17. De La Sol Yoga (artist unknown): 430 York Blvd
  18. Jet Cafe, (artist unknown): 184 King St E
  19. Alice in Wonderland (artist unknown): 299 Balmoral Ave N (laneway)
  20. George St, (artist unknown): 15-17 George St
  21. Flowers at Keith Park (artist unknown): 10 Douglas Ave
  22. Oh Dear (artist unknown): 69 Robert St
  23. Fairleigh Laneway (artist unknown): 153 Fairleigh Ave S


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