HamOnt Healthy Loops

The Everyone Rides Initiative and Hamilton’s Bike Buddies brings your Healthy Loops!

Have you noticed that since COVID-19 that your cycling habits have changed? We have. In the early stages of the pandemic lockdown we noticed that our cycling trips turned into neighbourhood loops. Instead of cycling to a set destination our trips were longer more leisurely loops within our neighbourhoods--and within our bubbles. 

Healthy Loops during a pandemic are bike routes in your neighbourhood that are safe and enjoyable to cycle while also adhering to physical distancing. They typically include bike lanes or paths and residential streets so that people of all ages and abilities can comfortably cycle. Even better if the loops connect to local businesses or green spaces!

Being active outdoors is a great way to connect you to your neighbourhood during the COVID-19 pandemic!  Making trips by bicycle to a local park, to visit someone in your bubble, or to simply keep your body moving can also bring many benefits to your physical and mental health. 

If you’ve spent some time during the pandemic exploring your neighbourhood by bicycle, or have a favourite route to stay active, we want to hear from you!  Bike Month 2020 looks different this year, so we are looking to share healthy loops that HamOnt cyclists can ride to celebrate cycling and stay well.


Send your Healthy Loop in your neighbourhood to [email protected].  We will add it to our HamOnt Healthy Loops map during Bike Month 2020. 

To view the growing list of loops go to: www.everyonerides.org/hamont_healthy_loops 

September 17 to 30: BIKE A HAMONT HEALTHY LOOP

Take a look at the online map and bike a HamOnt Healthy Loop near you! Share a photo on twitter and tag @Everyone_Rides_ or instagram @everyoneridesintiative and include #HamOntHealthyLoops for a chance to win a prize!


Have fun and ride safe!

September 16, 2020 at 8:00am - 11am
Hamilton, ON

Will you come?