Building Equity

The Hamilton Bike Share and the Everyone Rides Initiative team has learned a lot along the way as we tested different concepts and built out our initiative. We have a history of collaborating with partners in the industry to help share our knowledge and mentor other organizations as they build their equity programs. If you are starting or improving your bike share equity program we can help!


Get in touch with us to discuss the options and receive a quote for knowledge-share services based on the scope of your needs and budget. All service fees help our not for profit organization pay for our staff time and expertise so we can sustain our team and programming. We can get you started for as little as $250. 


Our areas of expertise include:

- bike share and cycling equity program development and start-up
- identifying barriers in your locale and how to overcome them
- grant writing and funding development
- pricing - payment plan structure, how to accommodate unbanked riders, etc.
- workshop creation and educating participants
- adaptive bike hardware and programming
- partnership development and stakeholder engagement
- resource creation
- promotion and marketing
- data, survey creation, and important metrics
- staff and volunteer structure
- evaluation, accountability, and measuring success
- inclusivity for newcomers (immigrants), women and LGBTQ2SIA+ riders, people with disabilities, seniors, and other under-represented communities
- and more!


Contact us at [email protected] to learn more and start building equity into your programming and community.