I rode a bike, but I had problems with it! It was harder to ride than it should be. What should I do?

If your bike had any issues while riding, such as gears not shifting properly or seats moving even when fully clamped, we would be very grateful if you reported the bike to us when you are finished riding so we can fix it. 


To report a bike in repair: 

  1. Lock up the bike properly to a station or secure object, and wait for the “Thank You” screen to show up. 
  2. When the “Thank You” screen shows up, there will be an option at the bottom of it that says “Repair”. Press the button underneath the option for Repair.
  3. The bike screen will ask you what kind of issue you had with the bike. Choose the number of the option that best suits what you had issues with, and press the number key for that option. 
  4. The bike will say Thank You, and a small orange light will turn on. This means no one else can use the bike until the bike share team picks it up. 

If you are having issues putting the bike in repair call 289-768-2453. 

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