Delivering Bike Access to Doorsteps

ERI Card Delivery Volunteers are essential to our program delivery especially during the pandemic.

In 2020, we had to adapt quickly to how our program was delivered and how our ERI Riders accessed bike share. Our challenge was to not create more barriers within a challenging time for everyone. Due to the closure of our office, we started delivering ERI access cards to new riders. This soon became more than our small staff could handle on their own. We recruited 5 volunteers across the lower city. We assigned deliveries based on availability, respective wards, and distances each volunteer was willing to cycle. 

From a challenge, we adapted and removed another barrier. We have discovered, in this process, that requesting riders to come to our office to receive a subsidized membership was a barrier. And by conducting over the phone education, registration, and bringing the materials needed to access bike share to doorsteps, we essentially brought the power to cycle to new riders in need. Our community of ERI Riders could not have the access they do without our Card Delivery Volunteers and we hope this aspect of our program continues to grow and meet the needs of our ERI riders. 

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